We work hard at the OPFFA to keep our members in the loop on the latest developments that might impact your jobs, safety at work, and your local community. But to keep in touch with everyone we need up to date contact details!

Now, obviously we have your details (that’s why you’re getting this email) but there are some members who aren’t yet on our email list.
Here’s where you come in. We need your help to get more fire fighters on our email list.
Here’s what you can do:
Forward this email around to your fire fighter colleagues at work.
They click the link in the button below 👇👇👇 (or right here) and update their contact details.
We’ll put YOU, and the person who updates their details, in the draw to win some Ontario Fire Fighters apparel!
We have T-Shirts, Hoodies and some other items up for grabs.

This is a specially generated link, unique to you, that lets us know that you were the person that referred your colleague on. They just need to click this button and fill out their contact details and you both go in the draw to win a prize pack!


So help us stay in touch with our members, and get in the draw to win some free swag! Forward this along to your colleagues today.
We appreciate your support.

Mark Train
Executive Vice President
Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association

Wednesday September 4th, 2019 – General Membership Meeting @ 7pm 

At – Hansa Haus (German Canadian Club ) – 6650 Hurontario St.

Business this month – General Business, Constitutional Amendments Accepted, Executive Officer Nominations Accepted